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November 20, 2020

The Bureau of Fire Prevention is Hiring for Electrical Inspectors

The FDNY Bureau of Fire Prevention’s Fire Alarm Inspection Unit is hiring for an Administrative Inspector (Electrical) and for eight Associate Inspectors (Electrical) Level II. To […]
November 17, 2020

Meet EMS Lieutenant Krystal Hayes

In addition to being a first responder, you can often spot Lieutenant Krystal Hayes lending a helping hand in our Recruitment and Retention, Youth Workforce Development […]
November 4, 2020

Apply to Join the FDNY as an EMT or EMS Trainee

A new opportunity to join the FDNY is here. The application period to become an EMT or Emergency Medical Specialist Trainee is now open. Our EMTs […]

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The application window to join the #FDNY as an #EMT or #EMSTrainee will close today. Get your education and experience form submitted by visiting ...

Tomorrow is the last day to file for the latest @nycdcas #EMT and #EMSTrainee exams. Apply today at ...

Share this news! The #FDNY Bureau of Fire Prevention’s Fire Alarm Inspection Unit is hiring for an Administrative Inspector (Electrical) and for eight Associate Inspectors (Electrical) Level II. For more information, visit ...

Posted @withregram • @fdny “Being a part of the military became a dream of mine after the attacks on September 11th. I joined the Navy in 2007 while I was in high school. I knew that I wanted to be a part of something bigger and that I wanted to protect this country. I have always felt safe and free being here and I wanted others to feel the same way. I did two tours in the Persian Gulf – Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom – and received several medals for my accomplishments. Then in 2019, I realized not only did I want to serve my country, I also wanted to protect my city. I wanted to be a part of the team of heroes that worked so tirelessly on September 11, 2001. What I love about the military and appreciate about the FDNY is that there is a lot of structure. Everything is organized and as a team we all have the same mission. The military prepared me to respect all ranks and understand the goals we are all trying to accomplish together. We’re all a team here, a family, and I am honored to be a part of it,” says FDNY EMT and @usnavy Veteran Gina Liandros, #Station35 pictured here with her former Commanding Officer Captain Dee Mewbourne aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69). Today, and every day, #FDNY honors all who have served. #VeteransDay ...

Posted @withregram • @fdny “One of the main reasons I joined the Air Force back in 2012 was to gain experience for the FDNY. Being a New York City Firefighter has always been my dream. I come from a family of civil servants and military leaders. The Air Force gave me the experience I needed and so much more. I was able to travel the world while at the same time protect my country. It changed who I was as a person into who I am now. It forces you to learn leadership, expand your knowledge, and grow as a person. It translates very well to the FDNY since it is a paramilitary organization. In the Air Force, I am an Aerospace Ground Equipment Technician and our main mission is rapid deployments and intel communications. My unit is pretty demanding, so my training takes up a lot of time. The FDNY is great when it comes to supporting their military personnel, it’s the best that there is,” says FDNY Firefighter and @usairforce Staff Sergeant Fernando Acosta, #Ladder3. Today, and every day, #FDNY honors all who have served. #VeteransDay ...

Posted @withregram • @fdny "Becoming a Marine was very special to me because my father was a Marine and I continued my family's tradition. I feel very proud and blessed to have served in the military because it instilled drive in me and taught me certain logistical skills that I’ve used consistently in my life to help people,” said FDNY Deputy Chief Inspector Richard Roche, who served as a Lance Corporal in the U.S. @marines Reserve. "Serving in the Marines parallels so well in relation to working in the FDNY because we're expected to do a tremendous amount of things and we're expected to help the public in their time of need with both a rapid response and with a coordinated sense of purpose. In Fire Prevention, our mission is to not only help the residents and visitors in the city remain safe, we also have a huge role in making sure that our Firefighter and EMS brothers and sisters are entering safe buildings so they can fulfill their duties and help the city." Today, and every day, #FDNY honors all who have served. #VeteransDay ...

Posted @withregram • @fdny “I have always felt a calling to help people and I’m grateful that I can do that in both of my careers. I get to be there for people when they need help the most. I joined the Army in 2009 and the FDNY in 2018. The FDNY is very supportive of my military career. This Department has respect for the military and that allows me to attend all of my military training while at the same time working for the FDNY. The FDNY is my life, but I still have an obligation to the military and this country and the Department makes it easy to do both. My careers are very similar. You need discipline and the pressure I am under at both jobs makes me aware of how important the work that I do is,” says FDNY EMT and @usarmy Reservist Naytasha Doyle, pictured here with her #Station59 Captain Barbara Aziz. Today, and every day, #FDNY honors all who have served. #VeteransDay ...

Posted @withregram • @fdny "I joined the United States Coast Guard in 1989 and two years later began my career in the FDNY. It’s a blessing to live in this country and this city, so I am honored that my careers allow me to give a little something back to both. The FDNY is very supportive of my military career, it’s tremendous. It allows me to take what I learn from both careers and implement what I’ve learned to do great work in both jobs. The USCG and FDNY are very similar in the way they operate and treat people. This is life-saving work and they work hand in hand together. Both organizations are filled with very exciting work and quality people. I’ve wanted to do this since I was young,” says FDNY #Rescue3 Captain and @uscg Reserve Chief Petty Officer and Chief of Police Bill Murphy. Today, and every day, #FDNY honors all who have served. #VeteransDay ...

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