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If you’ve ever dreamt of being a member of New York’s Bravest, this could be your gateway to the most rewarding career you will ever have. Best-in-class training and advancement opportunities are just some of the benefits FDNY offers. If you have the courage, the heart and the desire to be a leader, we invite you to explore what it takes to Join FDNY. All are welcome to serve our great City.


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September 22, 2022

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: A Spotlight on Rescue Medic Natalia Alzate

Working for FDNY EMS allows me to be a resource for the community. This uniform exemplifies respect, duty, and preparedness through the commitment of those before […]
September 19, 2022

Apply Today to Become a FDNY Fire Cadet

Starting today, you can apply to become a FDNY Fire Cadet. This rewarding career path, which is a new two-year apprenticeship program in our Youth Workforce […]
September 16, 2022

Meet the Academic Achievers for SEMSA 2022

Shout-out to FDNY Youth members Mark Blair, Mmesoma Onukaogu and Diamond Zephirin for earning the honor of Academic Achiever for the 2022 FDNY Youth Summer EMS […]

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Exam #7001 Candidates: Learn more about the training at our Probationary #Firefighter School today by visiting the Candidate Resources section on ...

Posted @withrepost • @fdny “The training that I received in the @marines helped to prepare me for the EMS Academy. The Drill Instructors here get us to work as a team, overcome adversity, and build a bond with one another that helps us all succeed. The EMS Academy helped me to make crucial decisions in situations under immense pressure. I feel very prepare and eager to get out into the field and serve New Yorkers,” said #FDNY Probationary EMT and USMC Corp Veteran Anthony White who graduates today from the FDNY EMS Academy. ...

Posted @withrepost • @fdny "As I grew older, I realized that this would be a really unique opportunity for me, to be able to give back to my community and make a difference in the lives of people. The instructors at the EMS Academy were fantastic. They had a special ability to really make sure we fully understood what we were being taught. They genuinely cared about our success. Many of my classmates were enthusiastic about learning. We would come in early to study for exams, practice our skills and make sure we were prepared for class each day. I am excited to start my journey with the FDNY," said Probationary FDNY EMT Michael Falcone, who graduates today from the #FDNY EMS Academy as the Bravo Company academic achiever. ...

Posted @withrepost • @fdny “Being able to take the education I received here at the EMS Academy and now use it to help New Yorkers in their times of need is something I look forward to. I graduated college in 2022 and was looking for something more and to challenge myself; what better way to do it than become a member of the best Fire Department in the world. The Academy Instructors have worked tirelessly to prepare us for what we will face in the field. Being able to study with classmates and practice the skills we were learning was also paramount to my success. I look forward to making a positive impact every day I get onto that ambulance,” said #FDNY Probationary EMT James Moran, who graduates today from the FDNY EMS Academy as the academic achiever of Alpha Company. ...

“You’re not going to find a better brotherhood and sisterhood than the one we have in this Department. Every day you get to look out for one another and travel around the city to save lives and it doesn’t get any better than that,” said Probationary #EMT and @marines Reserves Lance Corporal Mamadou Sissoko, who is graduating from the #EMS Academy today.  

Sissoko, a #Harlem native, is also a former FDNY Explorer.  

“I became a FDNY Explorer my freshman year of high school and that was the beginning of it all for me. I would go to the EMS Academy for training and I always knew I wanted to learn more about what it takes to become an EMT. I was inspired so much by my instructors during my rotations out on the road during the Academy. It was then that I realized that I not only love what I do, I love how I’m doing it and how it’s been taught to me,” he added.

Posted @withrepost • @fdny "As I was growing up I always envisioned myself in a career where I would be helping others. Being around my father and uncle and hearing the stories about my grandfather really solidified that this is the type of work I wanted to do. The more time I spend with the Department, the more honored and proud I am to wear the same patch as my brother, father, uncle and grandfather. This patch has taken on a whole new meaning for me. I have loved every second of my training here at the EMS Academy. I am eager to get out into the field and help New Yorkers, just as my grandfather did," said #FDNY Probationary EMT Connor Downey, who graduates today from the FDNY EMS Academy. Probationary EMT Downey's grandfather FDNY Deputy Chief Raymond Downey was among the 343 FDNY members who were killed on 9/11/01. ...

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