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February 24, 2021

Celebrating Black History Month: A Spotlight on Firefighter Melissa Bennett

Our celebration of Black History Month continues with a spotlight on Squad 8 Firefighter Melissa Bennett, one of the highly-trained first responders in our Special Operations […]
February 14, 2021

Join Us in Celebrating FDNY Love With #TeamEnglish

Happy Valentines Day! In celebration of what is known as the most romantic day of the year, we have a special FDNY story for you today. […]
February 12, 2021

FDNY Phoenix Society Celebrates Lunar New Year With Festivities and Social Distancing

Happy Lunar New Year! Even though we won’t be celebrating in person this year at the annual Lunar New Year Parade in Chinatown, FDNY members are […]

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Posted @withregram • @fdnypro NEW podcast episode is up!
By mid-March 2020, several states, including New York, were locked down and people were experiencing in real time the watershed change the country would soon fully experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the earliest businesses to be closed were gyms and fitness centers. It was, and is, the perfect storm for a breakdown in the performance and resiliency of professionals dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the city or community they serve. Captain Joy Garcia, who joined the #FDNY at 18, relied on the years of discipline she cultivated during her career to stay committed to her fitness routine, which supported her physical and mental wellbeing throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. Battalion Chief Brian Mulry hosts.
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Posted @withregram • @fdny The New York City Fire Museum is celebrating #BlackHistoryMonth on the Throwback #FDNY Podcast. Today’s #tbt celebrates Robert Oliver Lowery, the first African-American Fire Commissioner in a major city in the United States. Commissioner Lowery started his career with the Department on July 1, 1941, initially being assigned to Ladder Company 34 in Manhattan. He transferred to the Bureau of Fire Investigation in 1946. During his 17-year tenure as a Fire Marshal, he made 72 arrests resulting in 65 convictions. On December 29, 1960 he witnessed a wanted and armed arsonist in the process of setting a fire in a rooming house and captured him before he succeeded in his felonious action. He was cited numerous times for his outstanding investigative ability. On June 23, 1961 Commissioner Edward Thompson made Fire Marshal Lowery an Acting Lieutenant. Just two years later, he was appointed Deputy Fire Commissioner. Then, on January 1, 1966 Mayor John V. Lindsay swore Robert Oliver Lowery in as Commissioner. Commissioner Lowery oversaw the FDNY in what became known as, “The War Years.” For nearly ten years, the city experienced an unprecedented amount of fires, many of which were caused by arson. His tenure ended in September 1973. (Photo Credit: New York City Fire Museum) 

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Posted @withregram • @fdny “I started to have contractions at home. I called the doctor and they advised me to start making my way to the hospital. My family and I had recently moved to New Jersey, but I was still planning on delivering at Mt. Sinai in Manhattan. My husband and I got into the car and began to drive. As we were driving, my contractions were increasing and my water broke, I even started to feel the head so I told my husband to call 911. The FDNY Dispatcher was very calm and reassuring. She told us to pull the car over because it was time to deliver this baby. We pulled over just off the George Washington Bridge. The whole experience was very frightening, but I remember seeing flashing lights and hearing sirens and that’s when I knew that EMS was coming to find us. It was comforting to know that they were coming to help us. At the time, my husband and I were both COVID-19 positive, so we originally weren’t sure if my husband was going to be in the delivery room, but it turns out, he was the delivery room. This baby was named after my brother Josh, who passed away at three years old from Leukemia. We named him Jordan Harris Goldfarb, after my brother Joshua Harrison,” says Allison Goldfarb, pictured here with her husband Blake, and their children Liv and Jordan. On January 19, 2021, #FDNY members received a call for the imminent birth. FDNY EMT Janet Williams, Assignment Receiving Dispatcher, assured the couple help was on the way and talked them through the delivery of their child in the front seat of their car just off the George Washington Bridge. Once the baby was delivered, FDNY Lieutenant Fredric Desarno Jr. and EMTs Ana Fajardo and Cristian Rodriguez from #Station13 along with @nyphospital Paramedics Liat Reichman and Ching Chein arrived on scene to assist the patients and transport them to the hospital. FDNY EMT Williams says, “We get these kinds of calls more often than you would think, but we never really get to hear about the outcome so this was great. I really appreciate this recognition, it’s a beautiful story. Congratulations to the family, I am really very happy for them.” ...

Posted @withregram • @fdny The New York City Fire Museum is celebrating #BlackHistoryMonth on the Throwback #FDNY Podcast. Today’s #tbt celebrates John Henry Woodson who was identified as the first African-American to be made a Firefighter in New York City on September 21, 1914. By then, Firefighter William Henry Nicholson was likely seen as a Brooklyn Firefighter and the second African-American appointed to the Department, Jacob C. Fulcher’s career was very brief, so Woodson, who worked at Ladder Company 106, was put in the spotlight. Two years almost to the day of his appointment, Firefighter Woodson made a dramatic rescue of Mrs. Katherine Meterity and her son Michael from a 2-alarm fire in Brooklyn. For this he received a Class III citation. In 1918, he received a Class B citation. Firefighter Woodson retired on February 1, 1936 after 21 and a half years of service. (Photo Credit: New York City Fire Museum)  

Learn more about FDNY history with the @nycfiremuseum Throwback FDNY Podcast, now available on Apple, Spotify and Google Play. Sign up for the Museum's companion Throwback FDNY newsletter, at

Posted @withregram • @fdny “The Army helped prepare me for the FDNY EMS Academy in so many ways. The structure, chain of command, and discipline required are all the same. I wanted to join this Department because I wanted more experience providing patient care. Our incredible training is what prepared me for the field. I can already tell this will be a very rewarding career,” says #FDNY Probationary EMT and @usarmy Sergeant Deesier Garcia who graduated from the FDNY EMS Academy. ...

“During my years at the FDNY High School, we learned a lot about time management and staying focused and dedicated. Being a student there and having the guidance from my mother helped to give me the confidence to work hard in life, follow through and become an EMT,” said #FDNY Probationary #EMT Jonas Louis Charles, a FDNY Captain Vernon A. Richard High School for Fire and Life Safety Class of 2014 alumnus, who graduated from the #EMS Academy. “Training at the Academy was a great experience and it allowed me to refocus and sharpen my skills as an EMT. It really helped me to see that I can go out into the city every day and make a difference." 

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Posted @withregram • @fdny “It’s an honor to have the opportunity to go through the FDNY EMS Academy. I’m happy to graduate with all my brothers and sisters and we are ready to give back to our communities. Our instructors were great and they prepared us to go out into the field and help New Yorkers during this pandemic. Every call we go on, we’re able to fall back on our training and get the job done,” says #FDNY Probationary EMT Shaun McMahon, who graduated from the FDNY EMS Academy as the Bravo Company Academic Achiever. ...

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