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C ongratulations on wanting to become an FDNY Fire Protection Inspector! The Fire Protection Inspector Civil Service Filing period is open now through May 21, 2024. You can view the Notice of Examination by clicking the following link: Fire Protection Inspector ( For more information on filing, you can visit or by accessing your OASys account at OASys – OASys (

Eligibility Requirements

To be an FDNY Fire Protection Inspector, you need to make sure you meet all hiring requirements before applying to take the civil service exam. You must:

  • Be a minimum of 21 years of age
  • Have a driver’s license that is valid in the State of New York
  • Successfully complete a computer-based test, comprehensive background investigation, medical examination and Peace Officer Certification
  • Have three years of satisfactory full-time experience in one or a combination of the following:
  • Design, installation, operation, repair, testing or inspection of fire suppression, fire alarm and/or extinguishing systems; and/or refrigeration or air conditioning systems with a minimum of 5 horsepower; or
  • Installation and repair of fuel oil heating systems; or
  • Formulation, enforcement or implementation of safety standards and programs in the manufacture and/or storage of materials which are potential fire hazards; or
  • Inspection of premises where materials which are potential fire hazards are manufactured or stored to detect the potential for fire and/or explosion; or
  • Inspection of facilities for compliance with fire and building codes and other safety standards; or
  • Have three years of satisfactory full-time experience as a New York City Certified Fire Safety Director or Construction Site Fire Safety Manager; or
  • An Associate’s Degree in any major; or
  • A high School diploma and 20 college credits from an accredited college or university with at least nine credits in physical sciences, fire science technology, fire protection engineering, chemical, civil mechanical, environmental, electrical, or marine engineering, or chemistry; police science; construction technology or construction management; or
  • A certificate of completion from an approved union-sponsored plumbing apprenticeship program or satisfactory completion of a course of study in plumbing from an approved trade school, technical school, or vocational high school and two years of satisfactory full-time experience in general plumbing involving water supply, drainage and gas appliance installation; or
  • A satisfactory combination of education and/or experience that is equivalent to the requirements listed above.

Benefits and Salary

F DNY Fire Protection Inspectors can expect:

  • Excellent health benefits with family and domestic partner coverage
  • Three weeks of vacation after the first year.
  • Full pension benefits
  • Shift differential and overtime pay
  • Excellent promotional opportunities and a 37.5 hour work week with paid holidays

Fire Protection Inspector Salary*

  • $46,607 (Starting Salary)
  • $53,598 (After 2 Years)

*Please note, salary changes are subject to collective bargaining.


A ll perspective FDNY Fire Protection Inspector candidates are required to pass a civil service exam.

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