Engine 237
Fire Operations

Firefighter Diandra Gordon started working at FDNY as an EMT in 2016 because she wanted to contribute to the medical field. She then decided to take the exam to become a Firefighter when she met female Firefighters and started training with them. When she started the application process, she was assigned a mentor who always made sure that she stayed on top of her reading and physical training. She appreciates that the United Women Firefighters, an affiliated organization for female firefighters, offers a free NY Sports Club membership for women in the process of becoming firefighters. She participated twice a week, which helped her become a firefighter. She says, “I show girls in my community that if I can be a firefighter, they can too.”

Those who work in the firehouse with Firefighter Gordon are considered her family members. She says, “we are a family because we are together for so many hours throughout the day. We eat together, drill together, and bond especially around the kitchen table where we get to know one another.” She puts her trust into those she works with, every day and for every job they respond to. She believes that “we can be more supportive of people we work with by always just motivating each other and inspiring each other because you never know when you may need that person.”

One of Firefighter Gordon’s fondest interactions with the community she serves is with a postal worker who came up to her in disbelief of seeing a female firefighter. Firefighter Gordon asked her age to see if she was interested in becoming a female firefighter as well. After conversing, they exchanged contact information and still keep in contact to this day. The advice she would give to someone who is interested in becoming a firefighter is to stay motivated: “remember why you signed up, why you started and why you will complete the process. In the end, when you become a firefighter and get back from doing your job, it makes you feel like you just changed the world. If not the world, someone’s life. In everything that we do we change someone’s life without even realizing it.”

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