We are FDNY – Profile #6

Captain Liam Flaherty
Rescue Company 2
Special Operations Command

It might be difficult to recognize Captain Liam Flaherty after he removes his bunker gear to don the ceremonial attire of the FDNY’s Emerald Society Pipes and Drums Band, which celebrate the successes, as well as mourn the supreme sacrifice of FDNY members. Regardless of which attire he wears, however, Captain Flaherty embraces the “high morale and dedication of the Department that help make it a great workplace.” Flaherty is Captain of Rescue Company 2 in the Special Operations Command. After 28 years serving at the FDNY, he provides critical leadership for fires and emergencies, personnel, training, apparatus maintenance, tool and quarters, and other operational procedures.

Captain Flaherty came to FDNY because he desired the mental and physical challenges the job presented. Working on a detail as a firefighter was his first memory at FDNY. He often worked busy night tours to numerous fires throughout Brooklyn. During runs, he was most impressed by the calm professionalism of the senior crew working alongside him and considers it an honor and a blessing to provide leadership for such an important organization.

Like all members, the Department’s response to 9/11 was a profound event for Captain Flaherty, who was not merely a witness to its history but also to how 9/11 is still shaping emergency response operations.

The benefits provided by the FDNY are too numerous for Captain Flaherty to list but definitely include “a decent living, camaraderie, excitement, incredible challenges and lifelong friendships, as well as firehouse kitchen table talk where firefighters are known to gather to solve all of the world’s problems.”

Despite his courage and bravery through the years, the lesson Captain Flaherty most appreciates is “humility.” He says, “no matter what we accomplish, it’s always important to let our actions speak for themselves.”

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