Division 14
BISP Task Force

Captain Dermot Kearns has been working at FDNY for 26 years. He is on the Building Inspection Safety Program Task Force in the 14th Division, where he conducts inspections to ensure building safety in Queens. Captain Kearns is grateful to be in a “noble and exciting profession where every day is different.” Preparedness is of great importance to Captain Kearns because when one is prepared, they can avoid things that can go wrong. He recommends that everyone learn from their experiences and apply those lessons to future situations. Developing trust is essential on the job because your welfare is in the hands of others.

Every day he is motivated to do the best job possible. He appreciates the comradery on the job and says, “When you’re in the firehouse, you really get to know your colleagues and what their needs are, so you are there for people beyond the job.” He especially appreciates the leaders “who look out for the safety their team and will be there when things get tough. They lead by example and will leave the firehouse better than when they got there.”

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